10MWe Medium Enterprise Power Station


Enterprise Module

The 10MWe is a medium sized Enterprise Power Station designed to be located near a single enterprise or multiple enterprises (such as a coal mine or a town) in order to supply electricity for the operation of that enterprise or town. This Power Station consists of 2 power modules and the distribution system produces 400V 3 phase electricity and is not designed for output to the country's Electricity Grid, unless a transformer is placed on site (Transformers are not included in our standard quotations).


The whole Power Station is delivered to site containerised and based on 'plug and play' principles it is ready to operate as soon as it is coupled up with the other containerised components such as the Air Turbine container and the Generator container.

Highly Efficient

As demand for electricity rises and falls one line or both power modules can be switched off to match demand. Effectively the burner goes into kindle mode, but it is ready to fire immediately that the demand increases.

Built in Redundancy

Because the Energy Centre is made up of 2 power modules (2 burners and generators), should one line go down the other line will continue running. For lesser demands for electricity the burner efffectively goes into kindle mode, but it is ready to fire immediately that the demand increases. any time the other lines will carry on with electrical generation whilst any minr problem on the faulty line is corrected.

Standard spares will be kept on-site to effect a speedy repair.

Major Features

Highly Responsive

The Energy Centre is highly responsive and is able to switch between kindle mode and full firing in seconds. This maximises the flexibility of the Power Production, minimises cost and provides maximum security for a constant supply of electricity.

Future Expansion

It is a simple task to expand the Energy Centre from say 10MWe to 15MWe as a third power module can be placed alongside the original two modules at any time. This allows for planned expansion to occur with minimum fuss or delay. As they are all identical modules there will be no need for extra education or training.


Because the Energy Centre uses an air turbine, there is no need for any boilers or steam production. This massively reduces the overall costs. Increases safety for the workes as there are no high pressure steam hazards. Also it means that the power station acan be located anywhere on the planet, even in inhospitable landscapes. Unlike conventional power stations which need to be sited near aa dam or river, the Energy Centre does not need to be sited near any water source and can be sited wherever you want. It could be sited half way up a mountain so long as you can get fuel to the Energy Centre. The ideal location for an Energy Centre is right next door to a coal mine in the middle of a forest or in the middle of an area growing the bamboo.