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Bamboo is a plant not often associated with Africa because it is not being exploited. But it grows there as well as in Asia, and it can be used as an alternative source of energy. Bamboo, the perfect biomass grass, grows naturally across Africa and presents a viable, cleaner and sustainable alternative to other fuels.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet and produces large amounts of biomass, making it an ideal energy source. Tropical bamboo can be harvested after three years, compared to the two to six decades needed to generate a timber forest.

All bamboo species flower, After flowering the plant dies and needs replanting however Beema Bamboo has been genetically engineered to be sterile, and therefore never flowers and so will never need replanting. Many common species of bamboo have thorns which makes them un-harvestable, Beema bamboo being thornless is easy to harvest.

Other Advantages of Bamboo

Bamboo is the best solution for containing global warming in many ways: • Bamboo absorbs Carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere 3 to 4 times higher than many other trees. • One bamboo tree generates plenty of natural oxygen sufficient for more than one human being’s daily requirement • Grows more than one foot a day and produces a good canopy faster than any other tree and cools the surroundings. • Carbon dioxide absorption of bamboo remains constant, since Bamboo keeps growing every year while other trees reach maturity after a fixed period. • Every part of the bamboo is used to make varieties of products. • Bamboo can replace the wood for all applications such as paper, flooring, furniture, charcoal, etc. • Recently developed cotton from bamboo will replace regular cotton, with a productivity of over 10 times from the same land. • Bamboo has replaced 50% of plastic. • Bamboo co-polymer plastic replaces 50% of plastic which is essential but not eco-friendly. • Bamboo effectively cleans the water pollution of the septic tank discharge and factories effluent by its natural affinity for nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals. • Bamboo enriches the soil naturally and prevents soil erosion.
Needs a tiny footprint compared to conventional power stations.

Beema Bamboo

Currently under investigation -

Suxé are currently investigating using Beema Bamboo developed by Growmore in India as the prime product for all our Power station projects. Growmore have experience of other similar projects and they are able to supply all the seedlings required for planting.

Average Yields per acre with good Management

3rd Year : 25 – 30 tonnes per year

4th year : 40 – 50 tonnes per year

5th year : 50 – 60 tonnes per year

6th year : 60 – 65 tonnes per year

7th year : 65 tonnes & above per year -

continuously for over 100 years
To provide a modern and 'Green' solution to power generation problems on the continent.

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The Multi-fuel power station

Suxé's Community Power Station can operate on Anthracite, coal, wood chips, Waste derived fuels, bio-fuels or bamboo.

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Suxé continue to provide cutting edge solutions for Electricity production in Africa.

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Suxé have been providing combustion equipment and burner solutions across the World since 1951. The basic principles have remained the same whilst the designs have been modernised to deal with 21st Century fuel source requirements. Modern solutions to modern problems.

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Growing Bamboo around each power station provides hundreds of new employment opportunities in each area.

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