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Community Power

What is a Suxé community Power Station? Well as the name suggests it is a Power Station placed within a community to generate electricity and benefit that community. The plan is to recruit 98% local labour for the power station. Extra employment is created by forming local farmers into a co-operative to plant bamboo or giant reed around the power station. Bamboo is a truly renewable energy crop providing a “Green” Energy solution, but at the same time creating employment. Ancillary profit generating businesses can also be placed around the power station, using some of the excess heat generated from burning bamboo that would normally be vented to the atmosphere to create profit making ventures.
After chipping the bamboo it passes through a drying station where 12,000 Litres of water per hour will be recovered, by placing a bottling plant in proximity to the power station, some of this clean sterilized water can be bottled and sold. Some of the recovered water can be channeled into dams where a commercial fish farm can be established. The nutrient rich water from the fish farm can be channeled to a series of hydroponics tunnels growing vegetables. Over production of bamboo allows the excess biofuel to be sold to local homesteads as a domestic cooking fuel, ideal for wood burning stoves. A small feedlot will supply manure. This manure can be composted with the fish guts from the fish farm, waste vegetable matter from the hydroponics farm. This composted matter is mixed with the residue bamboo potash from the power station to make a high grade fertilizer, which can be bagged and sold to local farmers. The whole concept of a community Power station is to provide power and benefit the local community. Suxé plan to channel some of the profit generated from the sale of electricity into community projects, such as building a new town, road building, clinics, schools, libraries & street lighting.

Bamboo Power

Bamboo Power is our description of growing locally a truly renewable energy crop, such as Bamboo or giant reed. The Bamboo will be planted and grown by contract farmers around the power station.

These farmers will be under ten year contracts with the Suxé power station. Suxé International is the only company to make a power station, to benefit the local community from creating new jobs to building a completely new garden town.

All jobs are filled from the local community and all farmers should be drawn from the smaller land-owning community (3 hectares x 1,500 farmers). In order to gain an annual biomass feedstock of 150,000 dry tonnes or 200,000 wet tonnes (50% moisture) per 50MWe power module. Even paying the same rates per tonne as sugar farmers get for sugar cane. This represents an 80% saving over the use of oil firing.

This of course is the major source of the profitable status of Suxé Power Station. There is a great similarity between sugar cane and bamboo cane

Garden City

Using 30% of the profits, the exact amount that would have been allocated to taxation, but could be used in a development plan to build a brand new garden town. This of course requires prior agreements to be in-place with the tax office.

Alternatively, if the finances permit, such as the investment repayment has been cleared within the expected three years, then the taxes may be paid and the remaining profits maybe proportionally divided and put towards the garden town project or other community projects such as

Road construction,

street lighting,







& Internet Infrastructure.

Garden City

A Garden City has a harmonious relationship with nature and is energy efficient. A Garden City is a carbon neutral city and does not pollute. It’s planning, design and resources are deployed to achieve this goal. Citizens and the Government in the Garden City have a collective responsibility in their daily lives to design and implement such policies. This could be ensuring the provision clean, safe and efficient public transport, the ability to navigate the Garden City by walking or bicycle. On one hand and the ability to reduce waste, recycle and reuse resources by Citizens on the other. .

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The Multi-fuel power station

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Garden City

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Suxé International believe that every industrial advancement should carry with it community and social benefits. Working to make a better World.

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