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Fuel Processing Plant

The Suxé Fuel Processing Plant is not required if an abundant and acceptable fuel is available. It must be stored on site in a dry covered area or in hopper silos and conveyed by stainless steel covered conveyors over the security fence into the Suxé generation section. Similarly, the ash residue may be transported by a stainless steel totally enclosed from the generation side to the processing plant. If biomass is delivered such as bamboo cane, it must be chipped, dried and then briquetted into 40 dia. X 40 long briquettes and then stored before use. Marula nuts will be sent directly to the Suxé Burner, the test for biofuel is that it should flow nicely through the hopper system. Biomass arrives at the plant with 50% moisture and is dried to 10%, the steam is condensed and is reused as irrigation water and sent through pipes and micro-canals to the farmers. .

Foundation Site

As soon as the order placed for the power station the entire site is security fenced off, the road is laid, the drainage system is laid and the concrete footings for each container is laid.

Foot paths and pavements are laid, the cable ductings, or transfer posts are inserted and process earths are laid.

The chippings are laid in all non-concreted areas, then an asphalt surface is put on the road concrete base.

The street light and lightning poles are erected. Leaving the power station containers to arrive at site and be mounted directly into positioned. Areas have been allocated for bushes

Power Generation

These are the power generation containers that have been manufactured, assembled, commissioned and then re commissioned, before being shipped around the World.

Arriving at site the containers are off-loaded directly upon the foundation blocks allocated for this purpose. Each container is bristling with new technology.

The containers are simply coupled together in a standard configuration and they are ready to run.

The countainers will have been modified to deal with any climate issues pervading in the country of delivery.

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The Suxé community power station

has been designed to bring many benefits to the local community, including employment at the power station and ancilliary businesses. .

27 Jan 2016

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Important Information

About us

Suxé have been providing combustion equipment and burner solutions across the World since 1951. The basic principles have remained the same whilst the designs have been modernised to deal with 21st Century fuel source requirements. Modern solutions to modern problems.

  • Perfect Design for Africa
  • Huge Community Benefits
  • Enhanced job opportunities for community members

Growing Bamboo around each power station can provide hundreds of new employment opportunities in each area.

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