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Fossil Fuels

Peat, Lignite, Semi Bituminous Coal, Bituminous Coal, Anthracites and even Petroleum Coke. All can be burnt in Suxé's unique burner design.


Suxé's burner can take any dried biomass including bagasse if properly prepared and dried, the issue is getting it to flow smoothly into the burner, that is why we advise putting a biofuel preparation plant at the fuel delivery point.


Woodchips, Pelletised wood, Chipped Bamboo, Coconut shells and husks, Marula nuts the list is endless.
Contact us if you have a fuel source you wish to try.

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The Multi-fuel power station

Whilst Suxé's unique design allows many different fuels to be burnt to make electricity, why not join the bamboo revolution and become a "Green Warrior"


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About Suxé

Suxé was established in the 1950's to provide burners and boilers for hot water and steam for the hospital and school markets across Europe. They generally operated on either Anthracite or coal. During the 1980's the coal market across Europe went into decline and Suxé started to adapt the burning technology to encompass a broad range of other fuels.

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You find a fuel and Suxé will show you how to burn it.

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