• Converting Gas Fired Boilers
    To an alternative energy source with Suxé

  • Clean Combustion
    to replace expensive gas

  • Modular Design that sets
    new modern standards

Clean combustion

Gas fired boilers are converted in exactly the same manner as oil fired boilers, although there is difference in the flame characteristics. The oil flame and flame from solid fuels have large, long hydro-carbon molecules which makes a long extremely luminous, high temperature flames. By contrast the gas flame radiates in three sharply defined radiation bands, not the full black body radiation radiating in all wavelengths. This difference is in reality quite substantial, but as the biofuel, or coal radiates in a higher form it makes the gas steam boiler work effectively.

Sleek & Elegant design

Our solution to the solid fuel firing of existing gas fired boilers is sleek and elegant, as the boiler is lifted up to match the firing line from the Suxe Burner.
This makes a boiler that is easily cleaned and maintained, but it is an additional cost.

African Designs

Suxé's design has been based on African needs.
To provide a modern and 'Clean' solution to power generation problems using coal.

Latest Portfolio

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Make Suxé your development Partner

SuxÉ can completely support your Power projects by
providing Ultra Flexibility on replacement fuel, Increased clean Power Generation and Top quality design

The Multi-fuel power station

Suxé's Community Power Station can operate on Anthracite, coal, wood chips, Waste derived fuels, bio-fuels or bamboo.

Ultimate Flexibility

Suxé's Engineers are endlessly developing new solutions



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Nothing is impossible for Suxé Engineers
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About us

Suxé have been providing combustion equipment and burner solutions across the World since 1951. The basic principles have remained the same whilst the designs have been modernised to deal with 21st Century fuel source requirements. Modern solutions to modern problems.

  • Perfect Design for Africa
  • Huge Community Benefits
  • Enhanced job opportunities for community members

Growing Bamboo around each power station provides hundreds of new employment opportunities in each area.

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