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Suxé Generator

Modern Electricity Generation and New Technology. Nothing has changed in the electrical generation field in the last 50 years, that is, until Suxé Electrical Engineers went back to the drawing board and redesigned how a generator works. Whilst this technology is new and secret, Suxé intend to employ this new generator in all of our Community power stations.

Generation Advances

Whilst Suxé's technology must remain secret at this stage, suffice it to say , we have made a breakthrough in the area of friction.
The new Suxé Generator operates with almost frictionless bearings, thus reducing the energy input problems with standard generators.


The Suxé generator operates with a greatly reduced requirement for power input to make the generator turn.
This is a major advance in generation technology. Allowing for smaller and smaller power plants required to produce the same amount of output electricity. Smaller plants require less fuel and massively reduce the cost of electricity production.

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The Suxé Generator

Suxé have made huge advances in the field of electrical generation, this advance is important as Suxé's new generator can produce electricity with less input power to the generator. A reduction in the energy needed to turn the generator will result in a much smaller power plant needed to generate the rotational energy needed to turn the generator. Smaller power plant means less fuel, less fuel means lower operational costs, and that means more profit!

27 Jan 2016

Nothing is impossible for SUXÉ Highly Flexible, always growing



To stop Suxé from advancing would be like trying to stop the world turning

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Nothing is impossible for SuxÉ
Highly Flexible, always growing


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