Suxé's Methodology



The United Kingdom is the start of our Suxe Burner technology with our first installation after several decades, this will be firing an old steam system, previously designed for a failed fluidised bed technology burner. The firing on a number of biomass fuels will prove the technology as perfect for many other installations. African Power Station sales will be initiated by several mine power generation projects in Southern Africa. However, the research and development of the Suxe Generator is seen as the most important step in our strategy and we have only to finish the 3d CAD program and enter the manufacturing stage, for this entire power station strategy to be mobilised. The power module has many uses in smaller UK projects, potentially lifting their power generation outputs from 3MWe to 50MWe. However, this comes at a cost as the entire power output stage of a Suxe Energy Centre will be required.

Marketing Methodology


The Suxe Burner technology is about to go ahead and prove in a single installation, at Lincoln UK in March 2017, the valuable attributes that it can offer. Following on from that there will be a demonstration site possibly in Swaziland. This will allow us to demonstrate a working power station to interested parties. The Swaziland headquarters has now been built and will shortly go on-line as the finance department for the company and also to support all Southern African sales and marketing. The West African headquarters will be in Abuja, Nigeria and an office and workshop opened in Accra, Ghana

Manufacturing Methodology


The United Kingdom will be the manufacturing centre for the company and it is to be increased from 4,000 square feet to 250,000 square feet in a new factory development. With the forecasted growth for 2017 we are already looking for other factory space.