Suxé News

Suxé News 2017


Suxé are in dialogue with the Bank of Dene and the Government of Swaziland about putting a 400MWe Anthracite fired Power Station near the King Mswati III International Airport in Swaziland. This will produce 100% of Swaziland's requirement for electricity.

Lincoln UK

A Previously Failed Fluidised Bed Power Station has been converted to use the Advanced Suxé burner to fire the Power Station on recycled wood to produce 7MWe of electricity. The Power Station had it's baptism of fire in September 2017 and is expected to be fully operational in the New Year.

New Orders

Suxé are in discussions with UK Clients for 4 more Power Station Conversions.

New Order

Suxé are in discussions with a UK Client to convert his Power Station to Suxé Technology, burning Pelletised Carpet Waste.

Award Winning Features

Highly Flexible

As Suxé burner technology allows almost any fuel to be burnt cleanly, it opens up possibilities for clean electricity production on fuels that were not possible before.

Seamless Conversion

The Suxé burner has been so designed that it can seamlessly replace older burning equipment such as Fluidised Bed or Pulverised Fuel systems. This includes Gas Fired and Oil Fired systems that have become too costly to run.

22nd Century Combustion Technology

Suxé's revolutionary burner design is computer controlled and offers the cleanest combustion and almost 100% combustion efficiency. This reduces to almost ZERO the possibility of producing unwanted and harmful environmental emissions. Suxé comply with ALL Clean Air Regulations around the world.