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Suxé Engineers have been carrying out oil boiler conversions for many decades. The principle used is extremely simple and most oil burners use a pressurised firing system and this is too dangerous for solid fuel firing. So all oil boilers are converted to balanced draught firing by the addition of a Suxé induced draught fan, that pulls the flame from the Suxé Burner.

There are many design features that makes the Suxé Burner perfect for this kind of duty. One of these features is high temperature combustion that allows a long high temperature, clean flame output to be developed. The secret is to use a locally grown biomass fuel, that is outside the World price of Energy. This will show an 80% saving over using oil, however, the production of this fuel is expensive and needs a centralised production centre feeding many such boiler installations. The chimney is always clean and digital data collected for proof. .


The Suxé solution is a sleek and elegant design system that has been proven over many installations.

Fire-tube and water-tube boilers have been converted with automatic control systems to anthracite or bituminous coal firing, with resultant high steaming efficiencies.

As the boiler is converted its combustion efficiency and steaming efficiency are very high in the 85 to 95 percentiles. The main reason that the Suxé burner is so successful in replacing Oil and Gas fired systems, is that the Suxé burner produces exactly the same flame characteristics as an oil or gas burner. Long clean high temperature flames are fired into the boiler, with no particulate emissions. The flame nozzle height is so positioned to exactly replicate the oil or gas system, which makes coupling up the new Suxé burner a simple task. .


All fuels may be used in this installation system.


Bituminous coal

Semi Bituminous coal


Petroleum coke,

Particulate heavy fuel oil


Biofuels including Wood chips, Coconut husks, Marula nuts and Bamboo

Waste Derived Fuels

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Suxé have been providing combustion equipment and burner solutions across the World since 1951. The basic principles have remained the same whilst the designs have been modernised to deal with 21st Century fuel source requirements. Modern solutions to modern problems.

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Growing Bamboo around each power station provides hundreds of new employment opportunities in each area.

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