Suxé's Current Projects

Lincoln UK

Fluidised Bed Replacement

An advanced Suxé burner has been selected to replce the previously failed Fluidised bed combustion unit at a 3MWe Power Station in Lincoln UK burning waste wood.


Suxé Technology Replacing outdated systems

4 more Power Stations around the UK have selected advanced Suxé Burners to replace their old outdated firing systems.


Suxé Energy Centre Power Station

Suxé International has two main markets, the first is using the Suxé Burner as an independent, solid fuel fired heat source, to fire steam boilers, furnaces, rotary dryers, or to replace pulverised fuel burners, and faulty conventional firing systems. The design of these burners is such that its unique design allows for extremely high combustion temperatures and the production of a high temperature, extremely radiant clean flame. The second is the Suxé Energy Centre Power Station module of 50MWe, this power module is a complete power station and fuel processing plant, but modularised for higher power generation outputs. The advantage is that the power station cannot lose all its generation for any particular fault. This innovative design has many more advantages than listed here, but the burning of biofuel and using air as the turbine medium are perhaps, the greatest of these advantages