Current Promotions

CURRENT Promotions

Community Based Power Station

When purchasing a Community Based Power Station (50MWe+) in 2017 a special price has been calculated to deliver the power station together with the 4 ancilliary profit generating co-businesses; Bottled Water Plant, Recycled Glas to building blocks, Commercial Fish Farm, and Hydroponic Vegeable Farm. Contact us for details

50MWe Standard Power Module

Suxé are offering big savings on purchases of multiple 50MWe Standard Power Modules. For Example if you wanted 200MWe (4x50MWe Modules), the first 50MWe would be at normal cost, the 2nd Module would be less 10% the 3rd 50MWe module would be less 15% and the final 50MWe Module would be less 20%. Based upon 2017 prices that represents a saving of £36m.

Delivery Guaranteed

For orders placed in 2017 for a 50MWe Standard Power Module, Suxé will guarantee delivery to site within 12 months of placing the order and receiving the deposits as per our Terms and Conditions.

2017 Support

For any order placed within 2017 the 1st Years support will be Free of Charge.

Award Winning Features

Highly Flexible

As Suxé burner technology allows almost any fuel to be burnt cleanly, it opens up possibilities for clean electricity production on fuels that were not possible before.

Seamless Conversion

The Suxé burner has been so designed that it can seamlessly replace older burning equipment such as Fluidised Bed or Pulverised Fuel systems. This includes Gas Fired and Oil Fired systems that have become too costly to run.

22nd Century Combustion Technology

Suxé's revolutionary burner design is computer controlled and offers the cleanest combustion and almost 100% combustion efficiency. This reduces to almost ZERO the possibility of producing unwanted and harmful environmental emissions. Suxé comply with ALL Clean Air Regulations around the world.