Engineering Standards

Engineering Standards

BS-EN1090 Development

Naturally, when manufacturing high technology and high pressure equipment, there are standards to be met. The most stringent of these is the structural British-EN 1090 which ensures welding quality standards and material quality standards, these happen to coincide with the design standards used in ASME and British standards for pressure vessel construction.
The design standards used are British Standards. So to recap, the material is specified and traceable. The equipment used is all calibrated and certified. The welding consumables are all registered.
The welders are also tested, certified and regularly checked. The welding is visually checked and where required non-destructive tests may be applied, such as ultra-sonics or X-ray.
No heat treatment is required for the Suxé Burner
Finally, A hydro-static test over four hours is needed to prove the design test standard and then another test is carried out witnessed by the authorising agency for insurance

Legal Requirements

CE marking to BS EN 1090 is now a legal requirement

Since July 2014, structural steelwork and aluminium fall under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which means aluminium or structural steel CE marking must be secured to show compliance with EN 1090-1 (the harmonised European standard that applies to structural metalwork).
Suxé completely comply with these regulations.


This regulation covers any structural component that has been designed and fabricated to meet the BS EN 1991 series of standards (Eurocode 3 and 9) for steel and aluminium structures in buildings.
Suxé comply with BS EN 1090-1. for steel or aluminium products.

CE Mark

All Metalwork contractors need to be CE Marked and have Factory Production Control (FPC) procedures for; traceability, competence, calibration, quality control and so on. Suxé Steel Fabrication were one of the first to comply with these standards. We have an FPC certificate and Welding Certificate

Award Winning Features

Highly Responsible

Suxé are a responsible organisation, we wish to deliver the best possible combustion solutions, engineered to the highest standards. This is to ensure maximum Health & Safety but also the durability oof our equipment is part of our reputation

Component Framework

All ancilliary equipment is sourced from our long and trusted partners. This equipment has proven itself worthy over many years, in order to be coupled to Suxé's award winning technology. To gain that place of trust, means by definition the suppliers equipment must match Suxé's engineering standards and durability requirements.

Creative Designs

Suxé Engineers are constantly striving to produce world beating solutions to the World energy crisis. Occam's Razor teaches us that sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.