• No Water Source Needed
    For a Suxé Energy Centre

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    Can be located anywhere!

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    to modern trends

Conventional Power Stations.

These have a burner firing into an expensive water tube boiler, to make steam. In turn the high pressure steam passes through an expensive steam turbine creating a rotational force that turns the generator and makes electricity.

Conventional power stations need to be sited near a large water source because theu constanly need water for the process. This limits where they can be situated.

Suxé Energy Centre

The Energy Centre has been designed on a completely different basis, the Energy centre doesn't use an expensive boiler to make steam, it uses the heat from the burner to turn an air turbine. The hot gases produced from combustion are at approx 1500 degrees C on bio-fuel.

These gases are compresssed at the front end of the air turbine where ambient air is added.

This rapidly expanding air is released in front of the turbine, the pressure is so great that the turbine turns and rotates the generator, producing electricity.


The Suxé energy centre eliminates the need for an expensive water tube boiler, saving a lot of money. Also eliminated are expensive (and dangerous) high pressure steam pipes and valves. Also eliminated is the very expensive steam turbine. Another advantage is that a water tube boiler needs maintaining every year and in order to do this the system has to be shut down, creatin a loss of generation. Also, if a conventional steam power station is likely to have a weak point, it is the water tube boiler that is likely to fail first as the water tubes regularly fail.
The Suxé Energy Centre needs no annual shutdown for maintenance, therefore there in no interruption to the income generation process.

The Suxé Centre

Multi-Fuel Power Station.

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Energy Centre Design
Conventional Power stations need water

This limits where they can be sited.


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